30 Mar 2006

Mar 30, 2006 – Re’ut Feldman, 20, of Herzliya, was one of four people killed  when a suicide bomber hitchhiker disguised as an ultra-Orthodox yeshiva student detonated his explosive device near the entrance to Kedumim.

Re'ut Feldman worked on the security hotline of Kedumim, as part of her alternative national service. On Thursday evening, she was heading back to Kedumim after attending an English class in Ra’anana. 

Rafi Halevy and his wife Helena were returning home to Kedumim and picked up several hitchhikers at the nearby settlement of Karnei Shomron – Re'ut, Shaked Lasker and the suicide bomber disguised as a yeshiva student. The cell that claimed responsibility for the attack called itself after Hamada Shatiwi, a senior operative in the Fatah’s military wing in Nablus who was killed in an IDF operation.

Re'ut was due to complete her service in September, after extending it by several months. “She was the heart of the hotline,” Kedumim’s security commander, Nahum Ya’ari, said. “She was dedicated to her work as a spotter and whenever she suspected anything unusual, she insisted on sending someone to check out the situation.” She was a medic and also volunteered with emotionally ill people.

Re’ut Feldman was buried in Herzliya. She is survived by her parents, Rahel and Yehonatan, two sisters and a brother.