30 Mar 2006

Mar 30, 2006 – Shaked Lasker, 16, of Kedumim, was one of four people killed  when a suicide bomber hitchhiker disguised as an ultra-Orthodox yeshiva student detonated his explosive device near the entrance to Kedumim.

Shaked Lasker was a 10th-grade student in the yeshiva high school in Karnei Shomron, who returned every night to his parents’ home in Kedumim. After a karate lesson Thursday evening, he got into the Halevys' car, together with Re'ut Feldman and the terrorist disguised as a yeshiva student. The cell that claimed responsibility for the attack called itself after Hamada Shatiwi, a senior operative in the Fatah’s military wing in Nablus who was killed in an IDF operation.

Family friends described Shaked as a sweet, mature boy who, like many adolescents, was trying to discover himself. He had recently begun part-time work at the ulpana.

Shaked Lasker was buried in Kedumim. He is survived by his parents, Danny and Avigail, two brothers, Meron, 24, and Adiel, 10, and a sister, Einav, 21.